The Best Way to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Completely – How I Did It

Despite progress made by medical science what causes bacterial vaginosis continues to be a mystery. This makes it all the more difficult to cure bacterial vaginosis completely. After having suffered from this infection for almost a year I can fully empathize with other women suffering from it. Its symptoms like the vaginal discharge and fishy vaginal odor can at times become unbearable.Believe me I tried every single thing to cure bacterial vaginosis – drinking apple cider vinegar, trying out over the counter treatment for bacterial vaginosis and switching over to lactose free diet. Sadly though, these did absolutely nothing for me.

I suffered from this problem on and off for almost a year. I was perpetually scared that everyone around me would catch my fishy vaginal odor and used to carry wet wipes to work and clean myself up at frequent intervals. To keep smelling fresh and pleasant I would spray myself with deodorant. I used to change my panties 2-3 times a day even while working.

Finally I decided to give natural remedies a try. In this article I am going to share natural cures which helped me clear up my infection for good. I sincerely hope that these remedies which worked like a miracle for me do provide relief for other chronic sufferers too.

Here are the 3 things which helped me get rid of vaginosis and keep it away

1.Add one cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath water. Water must be sufficient to just cover yourself. I did this every day till all my vaginosis symptoms subsided. Now that I am free of the infection I do this once a week. Closer to my periods I do it twice a week.

2.I took 2 goldenseal tablets a day. It is a potent herb which has been used since ancient times to cure bacterial vaginosis.

3.I also took 2 cranberry tablets a day. This helps in restoring the natural acidic environment of the vagina and helps in getting rid of the fishy vaginal odor.