What Can You Do With a Bachelor of Science Degree?

Choosing your college major may have seemed like the most important decision of your life, but believe it or not, choosing to pursue a Bachelor of Science was actually the easy decision in your educational journey. It’s what you choose to do with your degree that is the real challenge.

While you may be intimidated by the important decisions ahead of you, this is actually the exciting part! What you choose to do with your Bachelor’s degree in Science is completely up to you. Base your choice on your interests, strengths and experience.


A manager is an expansive career opportunity available to students that pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Science. It is usually the role of a manager to collect, analyze, record and present market data that assists in the corporate decision-making process. Some of the industries a manager is essential in include:

• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Telecommunications
• Finance
• Marketing
• Government
• Non-profit

A career in management is ideal for someone that enjoys taking a leadership role and is confident in their abilities to manage, coordinate, schedule and organize.

Information Systems

A Bachelor’s degree in Science can help you pursue your interests in computer science. Professionals in the information systems field are responsible for managing the diverse information resources of a business or organization. By understanding both the basic and in-depth fundamentals of information systems, you can succeed in diverse roles within this field.

International Business

Business is a major industry, allowing professionals to focus in a broad range of areas. A Bachelor degree in Science can help you pursue your interests in international business through the study of various topics including international affairs and information technology. Some of the fields you can pursue with a degree in Science include:

• Global firms
• Private firms
• Government
• Nonprofit organizations

A career in international business is perfect for someone that is intuitive, strong-willed and confident.


If you work well with numbers and enjoy problem-solving, you may want to pursue a career in Accounting. With a Bachelor’s degree in Science, you can pursue a variety of careers in the accounting field, including:

• Auditing
• Cost accounting
• Individual taxation
• Corporate taxation

Careers in accounting are perfect for individuals that are self-motivated, intelligent and flexible.

While you may feel like choosing your major limits your choices, by pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, the opportunities are endless. By enrolling in a focused degree program in an area of study that suits your talents and interests, you will know you made the right decision.

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