Preserve Antibiotics – Miracle For Mankind

What I want to post here is widely known, widely carelessly responded (even by the doctors?), but it is real. Even the journal that I read is from 2001.

The overuse of antibiotics is well known for its responsibility of antibiotics resistant disease widespread. WHO Director Gro Harlem Brundtland said: “Antibiotics were one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th century. Unless we act to protect these medical miracles, we could be heading for a post-antibiotic age in which many medical and surgical advances could be undermined by the risk of incurable infection.”

Haven’t you scared of it yet? The time is coming closer and closer. It is not new, but most practices are still doing. We still don’t know how the scientist will face this, only some suggestion to the doctors to more carefully prescribe antibiotics.

Results from the US National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, conducted between 1989 and 1999, showed that 73% of patients with sore throats received antibiotic prescriptions. However, antibiotics are only helpful in about 10% of cases, in which sore throats are caused by bacterial “strep” infection. Most sore throats are due to viruses, against which antibiotics have no effect. ”

What surprises us, perhaps, is the numbers. Can you imagine that only 10% of the cases are appropriately treated by antibiotics? The rest is unnecessary. So, if we go to the doctor for sore throat 10 times, how many times we get antibiotics prescription? Is it one of the ten or nine of the ten, or most likely, every time?

There seems to be some pressure for medical doctors to give antibiotics prescription. Even if we know the facts before, we still expect it, although we never say it.

It is a 20 centuries miracle. Some scientists may believe that the resistance of diseases will develop further to the condition that no antibiotics will be able to terminate them, or the post-antibiotics age. Science will find the way to cure, we may think. But, it is just an assumption. No one knows. What we can do best now is to preserve the miracle for our modern life, i.e. apply antibiotics appropriately.