Does A Better Immune System Reduce Medication Dependency

Seemingly, one of the common experiences of growing up involves coming down with all kinds of illnesses – everything from ear aches and common colds to flu and other virus-induced diseases. From that early age we are conditioned to take some sort of drug to try and fix any ailment that comes up. We become accustomed to this kind of treatment with antibiotics and other medications to get rid of viruses from the time we are children, into our teenage years, and on into adulthood. The problem with the indiscriminate use of anitbiotics and antivirals is that the diseases can mutate and become resistant to the more common prescription medications. When a disease becomes resistant to one kind of drug, physicians must often use newer, more expensive drugs that may have even worse side effects than the original preferred choice.

The best way to avoid getting sick in the first place is to build up your immune system. A person’s immune system is naturally designed to fight off the viral and bacterial invaders that cause illness. If everything is working optimally then we can depend on our own defenses to fight illness. The dependence on modern medicine has become so great that people don’t take care of themselves as well and trust that a “medical miracle” will pull them out of any trouble they get into. Increased dependence on medical intervention in the short term is likely to lead to less effective treatment in the future and creates an increased load on the medical infrastructure. For something as simple as common cold, it makes more sense to just “ride it out”, use an over-the-counter remedy, or use more natural methods. Before going the medication route, do some research for natural ways to boost your immune system. Use this new knowledge and incorporate it into your regular lifestyle. The immune system can be strengthened through many easy to implement practices. The kind of supplements and lifestyle practices – such as exercising more, getting enough rest, and eating healthfully – improve not only the immune system, but can improve overall health.

The progression of medical science has produced true wonders in healing. These advances have given people the ability to lives lives that might have otherwise ended prematurely. Conventional medicine definitely has it’s place in our range of choices for staying healthy. When it is used appropriately, conventional medicine is definitely the route to take. But the need for medicines like antibiotics and antivirals can be reducing by taking steps to boost your immune system. From a nutritional standpoint, a person can take steps as simple as eating fresh, organically grown oranges, which as most people know is a great source of vitamin C. Getting outside and exercising, even just a lap or two around the neighborhood, will be much better for you than spending a few more hours in front of the TV or computer. Simple changes like this can make a big difference when you eventually do become exposed to cold, flu, or other virus. It will prepare you for the flu bug that has gotten just about everyone you know. Doing the simple things to help improve the strength of your immune system will not only help in the short term, but can improve long term health. One of main goals of increase your immunity to disease will be to keep illness at bay, and thus reduce or eliminate the need for medications until the time you really need it, and thus make it more effective.